Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG awards

I love celebrity fashion. I am a little obsessed actually, I could spend hours on US Weekly voting on "Who Wore it Better." So in my inaugural post I decided to do my fashion round up.

Best Dressed:
Emily Blunt

Gorgeous, I love this color and she looks so good.

Emma Stone

So appropriate, so cute, so fun.

Jayma MaysStunning. She just looks lovely.

Same old thing, but still smokin':
Sofia Vergara

She knows what works for her, and continues to look absolutely gorgeous.

Most Improved:
Diana Argon
Lea Michele
She would be best dressed, but she just seems so proud of herself...

Least Improved:
Amber Reilly
Girl, what the heck were you thinking?? She looked so good at the Globes, maybe even the best dressed. Tonight, hell no. Unflattering and not a winner at all.

Worst Dressed:
Angelina Jolie
I put Brad on here, just to make her look a little bit better. She looks like Skeletor.

Busy Phillips
I love her, I really do. But seriously, did your commune make you wear that?

Rose Byrne
I can't even. It looks like she got lost on her way to Studio 54.

Kristen Wiig
The choker is just horrid, horrid, horrid. The color is ugly and her hair looks like crap. Sucky and underwhelming.

Honorable Mention:
Giuliana Rancic
Girlfriend has been through a heck of a lot and she is looking so good. She was charming on the carpet and the dress is great, along with her styling.

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  1. I mostly agree... Kristen Wigg would look good in a different color and if she burned that choker. Emily Blunt is my best dressed along with the bitch from Glee.