Saturday, February 4, 2012


Like most other people on the Internets, I am obsessed with Pinterest. Also like most other people, I pin a ton of things, to promptly ignore them. So I am very proud of myself for doing my very first Pinterest project. Here is the link to the original idea at Liz Marie Blog. I have too much makeup and too many brushes, this is IDEAL for me, especially since I tend to be a bit of an unorganized mess! So here is my brush holder.

Mine is a little smaller, 4 inches x 4 inches to be exact. I bought mine on Amazon for $6.99, I bought 2 packs of beads online, and there just weren't enough, so I bought 2 more at JoAnn Fabric. I decided not to decorate mine or get another for face brushes, as I don't have that much room on my vanity. I am thrilled with it though.

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