Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Fashions

I love the Grammy fashion, it's a whole different world. Musicians are weird, and I love how some of them dress. But then there are the crazy outfits, which is also what I love. So here are my best and worst fashions.

Best Dressed
Kelly Osbourne
She looks stunning, I love this dress on her. The dress is so pretty and looks perfect on her. I don't mind the hair, but I do prefer her blonde.
Amber Rose
This woman is beautiful. And she looks great in this yellow dress. Please don't look at pictures of her standing next to Wiz Khalifa, cause oh man he is so ugly, but she looks so good.

Paris Hilton
It hearts my heart a little to even say this. But she looks appropriate, like an adult, and pretty damn good.
Beautiful Couple
John Legend and Chrissy Teigan
I don't know who she is but she is gorgeous, and he is so handsome! Together they look amazing.

Best styling
I don't particularly care for this dress, I didn't even really like her second dress of the night. But her hair and makeup looked wonderful, she is so pretty and looks so so good.

Worst Dressed

I hate this. The hair is horrible, her makeup is horrible and I don't think the dress is super flattering. Boo.

Katy Perry
This dress is unflattering and a bad color. I don't mind the blue hair that much, but not with that horrible dress. No Katy, no!

Taylor Swift
This dress is just too much. She is young and fun, and should be wearing a young fun dress.

There is nothing good about this. NOTHING.

If this dress was not see through she would look great, her hair looks good, the dress is flattering and a great color on her. But it's SEE THROUGH. And your black granny panties are ugly.

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